Skillfully, the client has reused, recycled and refined to build their lovely home with the help of Eddinger Enterprises, Inc.

“What a joy it was to work with the Eddinger family and their pleasant, talented crew as our house grew from a hole in the ground to our finished dream house. They all put up with our being on site almost daily. Jerry’s response to our latest request for a change in the plans was always a thoughtful pause, a look at our scribbled drawings, and a grin before he said, “Yep, we can do that.” Nancy was there frequently and always available for consultation and good ideas. Having Susie’s expertise to help choose plumbing options was a godsend. Mary Lou’s help with the books was always accurate and delivered with a smile. Many construction decisions were influenced by the company’s long experience that permitted problems to be solved in the best manner. We feel so lucky to have chosen Eddinger Enterprises as our builder.”

-Eileen O’Farrell & Reid Borgwardt